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What is trust?? Trust is an expression on the face of a child when you throw him in the air and he giggles trusting that you won't let him fall !!!
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‘My aim is to Empower Minds of masses by helping them discover and realize their reality, potential, strengths, opportunities and make them self sufficient and efficient to Plant their Seeds of Success.’ This is the mission of Mrs Sonal Jayaswal, a motivator, trainer, speaker and educationalist.
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In life we keep on crying that there are no opportunities. But the funny part is that it is always the other way round. The deprived opportunities keep on waiting in the hope that someone would spot them and pick them up. But alas, most of the time their wait is eternal.

We keep on sleeping in the hope that things will be served at our doorsteps but the reality is we need to work proactively to grab what we want in life. It is a very old saying ‘God helps those who help themselves.’ Unfortunately we always do the reverse. We keep on cribbing on our fate and complaining on our misfortune. Poor God he wants the best for all his children, he is desperately waiting to help us. The moment any one takes the first step he tries his heart and soul to help him. Unfortunately we don’t know how to seek his help. We need to act proactively, take in the first step to seek his support. 
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Sept 2007:Are we heading in the right direction?
Aug 2007:How Free Are We
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Real People. Real Results : Sonal works to inspire, inform and empower people, helping them realize their true potential by conducting innumerable workshops and seminars attended by thousands o
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Latest Buzz
  • A week-long Personality Enhancement Camp for teenagers organised by Lokmat Bal Vikas Manch

  • A 3-day Empowerment workshop for the Top Management of Lokmat Group of Newspapers, Nagpur

  • Workshop in Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Eastern India Chapter in their Annual Students Meet at Kolkata.

  • Workshop on Leadership and Motivation at Subhash Project and Marketing Limited, Kolkata.

  • Workshop in Company Secretary Institute, Kolkata on Positive Personality

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